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Sentinel provides corporate clients with expert advice on a range of business services. These include employee benefits, company pensions and business insurance such as Key Person and Shareholder Protection. We assist organisations of all sizes and are dedicated to arranging tailored solutions that meet all of your business risk and employee requirements.



Vital parts of any business are the people that work there. It can have a major financial impact if an important member of staff dies unexpectedly or is unable to work due to serious illness. Small and medium sized businesses are particularly at risk; but fortunately financial protection insurance can be arranged which will replace the lost profits or income caused by the loss of a key individual.

Key Person ('Key Man') Insurance

Key Person Protection safeguards a business against the financial effects of death or illness of a 'Key Person' - individuals whose specialist knowledge, skills and contacts are vital to the success of the company. If the Key Person dies or becomes critically ill then the policy would pay out a lump sum to the company. This lump sum is typically used to offset any lost profit/revenue or to cover the cost of hiring/training a replacement. Key Person Protection therefore acts as a safety net for the welfare of both the company and its staff.

Shareholder Protection Insurance

Shareholder Protection Insurance helps surviving shareholders keep control of a business if a major shareholder or partner dies or suffers a critical illness. The policy provides the remaining shareholders with a cash lump sum upon the death of a shareholder. This can then be used to buy the deceased’s shares from their family who typically inherit their shareholding and all of the benefits that it entails.